Antero Sleeps

We have finally released our debut.  It's been a long three years but every note on this album was worth it.  To say that I'm satisfied is an understatement.  I've already been humbled by wonderful things that people have said about the music and it almost leaves me speechless.  Andrew Storrow of Cosmic Fuzz records did a fantastic job mixing and mastering, as well.  It is truly a collaborative work between 6 guys who take their art and their work seriously.  I couldn't be happier with our product.



This week I've started easing into what will be a 100% juice fast for an unknown amount of time.  Taunya is on board, too, so we'll be able to do this together.

I'm tired of feeling like crap, depending on stimulants or narcotics to change my mood, and just not feeling good.  I'm tired of being overweight and not having control over my eating habits.  I've come to an honest conclusion that I'm a fatass in need of some serious resetting.

Taunya and I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead over last weekend and it pretty much sealed the deal for me.  The guy was just like me in a lot of ways - his weight bounced between fat and not-so-fat, he drank a lot of beer, and didn't take care of himself.  While I don't have an auto-immune disease to wrestle with, I do have a future to consider.  No one in my family has been able to control their diets or their weight.  I want to change that.  I also want to feel better, look better, and be healthy.  I don't want to die fat like those in my family have.

Of course, Dad dying was a big wake up call to me about my diet and exercise - He was only 59 and - for all intents and purposes - could still be alive if he made better life choices.  In many ways.

So starting this week, I weigh 278 pounds.  This week has been easing my system into liquid nutrition with a small amount of grains, nuts, fruits, and veggies. I've had no caffeine for a week.  I've stopped smoking pot.  I haven't had meat or dairy since Sunday.  While I've experienced some small changes, I haven't really started yet.  As of today, I am 100% juices - possibly taking a fiber supplement just in case, we'll see - and I'm going to be evaluating my progress weekly.  I'll be doing some walking in the mornings or evenings, but either way, I'm going to be active.

I'm hoping to go the distance and completely reset my system, maybe 30-60 days.  Either way, I think it's going to be good for me.

I'll be updating my progress and documenting my thoughts here, too.

Here we go!


Astrology Update

Why this year is going to be bumpy - Click on that link

Some snippets from the link above:

"This astrological climate year will be a much warmer than average and a dry year. The position of Mercury retrograde and Uranus in Aries also features electrical storms with high blasting winds and spreading drought. For more, see my astrometeorological long-range climate forecast further in this edition of Global Astrology."

"Animal and insect activity is also known to pick up as well. Look for increased geophysical activity during March, April, May and June."

"The position of the Earth at vernal equinox along with strong solar conditions does affect the central nervous system of humans and the natural world.  Outbreaks observed are those which spark irrational psycho/physiological behaviors. The inclinations can cause anxieties, irritations, problems sleeping along with dizziness and worrisome emotional responses.  Lethargy and feelings of emotional and physical exhaustion are common. There can be short-term memory loss issues along with complains of headaches and heart palpitations.  Concentration is a problem, so people who operate machinery or who drive on the roads should use extra care and patience during the weeks before and after the vernal equinox.It is important to be patient and mind our emotions and actions under the celestial influences at this time of year. Those who are borderline usually act out irrationally near the vernal equinox."  "The Moon conjoined to Neptune in Pisces stimulates unconscious memories among the general public. Individuals who allow painful past events and memories to resurface could create psychological difficulties for themselves and others by means of irrational behavior.  Poor coping mechanisms under this inclination shown by transit the vernal equinox chart can led to an unwillingness to deal with the practical affairs of life. Avoid psychological escape into unproductive daydreaming and vacillation."

"Generally speaking, it is an unfavorable year for extended travel and for visitors in foreign nations. Accidents in the air, on and over the high seas are highlighted in 2012 by transiting planets in the tropical sign of Gemini.  Caution is urged for those planning to travel to oversea locations.  Uranus conjoins a retrograde Mercury, so globally, this signifies caution against deceit by those who vacillate and are unreliable. This position points to self-destruction with many accidents on and above water and death by drowning in great attacks and accidents on the high seas."

"The mild and dry winter 2012 for most of North America I forecasted has come to pass. Some regions have reported their mildest winters in years. After calculating long-range astronomical transits concerned with climate, I am forecasting that the months of March, April, May and June will be warmer than average with declining rates of rainfall. My calculations also indicate a warmer than average summer and autumn season - featuring above normal temperatures. A very dry and hot year is just ahead.  In 2012, the Earth has entered its 32nd year of Solar-forced global warming.  This means, according to my calculations, that there are four (4) remaining years of above average temperatures at local regions worldwide before the global warming regime gives way to the start of global cooling later in this decade. The warm years ahead are not the result of ‘man-made global warming’ - as no such thing exists.  According to the laws of thermodynamics and physics; only the Sun can cause global warming. The world has been in its most recent warming phase since 1980. I have forecasted that the global warming regime - a total of 36 years - will end in about 2016-17. According to my calculations, our solar-forced global warming will end later this decade, not with a whimper, but with a bang.  Until that time, populations will experience well above normal average temperatures featuring drought, high winds and heat waves followed by warmer than normal fall seasons and mild winters – excepting one particular winter season – over the next four years.  I am forecasting that the year 2012-2013 will come close to matching one of the worst droughts in U.S history that occurred in 1998-89 – known as a “multi-year drought” which began in 1988 and continued into 1989.

In the little town of Bluffdale, Big Love and Big Brother have become uneasy neighbors. Under construction by contractors with top-secret clearances, the blandly named Utah Data Center is being built for the National Security Agency.  A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks. The heavily fortified $2 billion center should be up and running in September 2013. Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails - parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital “pocket litter.  It is, in some measure, the realization of the “total information awareness” program created during the first term of the Bush administration - an effort that was killed by Congress in 2003 after it caused an outcry over its potential for invading Americans’ privacy.  According to another top official also involved with the program, the NSA made an enormous breakthrough several years ago in its ability to cryptanalyze, or break, unfathomably complex encryption systems employed by not only governments around the world but also many average computer users in the U.S.  The upshot, according to this official: “Everybody’s a target - everybody with communication is a target.”